Open Paint

On days scheduled for Open Paint, the customer artist will choose his/her canvas size and then choose a design.  The Artist Studio Assistants will then find the applicable template or help to create a custom design.  The artist paints the canvas and if necessary, the Artist Studio Assistants will touch up the canvas and apply a one of a kind lettering design.  Finally, a ribbon is applied and an optional picture is taken before the customer artist departs.  See prices per canvas size/type below.

Birthday Parties

$175 includes 8- 11" x 14" canvases for up to 8 painters (including birthday child).  The price includes a t-shirt for the birthday boy/girl, party invitations, and 2 hours of the studio reserved for the party goers.  The birthday child chooses a boy and a girl design for the group.  Each additional painter/canvas is $15.  Tables are available for refreshments and presents.


-Private painting parties and events are $30 and up per person, depending on size/type of canvas.  There is a minimum of 6 painters.  This includes 2-3 hours of studio reservation, all materials, and instructions. 15% group discount for 8 to 15 painters.  (Groups of 16 or more must choose the same design.) 20% group discount for 16-25 painters.  25% group discount for 26 or more painters.

-Non-profit organizations (churches, schools, etc.) call to negotiate special rates and discounts.

-We can bring the party to YOU! Call to discuss pricing, which varies by location and the size of event.



We offer kids classes and adults' only painting classes.  See the calendar on this website for additional information on when classes are offered.  Typically, they will be offered right before significant holidays.  Occasionally, age specific classes will be offered.


Open Paint Prices


6 x 8 - $12

6 x 12/8 x 8/8 x 10 - $15

9 x 12/10 x 10 - $20

12 x 12/8 x 20/11 x 14 - $25

12 x 16/10 x 20 - $27

12 x 24/16 x 20 - $35

10 x 30 - $40

Wood Board Cutouts

large wooden panel - $40

small Arkansas cutout - $35

large Arkansas cutout - $40

other wood cutouts - $30-45

*All canvases are measured in inches.

Prices and canvas availability are subject to change.